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Rob holds regular Music Meditations (Satsangs/Kirtans) in and around Brisbane.

· please check with Rob (mob: 0450 011 290) for any changes in times/dates 

· for regular updates you can join Rob’s mailing list. Simply email Rob at: r.j.stevenson@bigpond.com

· For private bookings please contact Rob via email or mobile.


Please find general event dates as follows:


Robert Stevenson
Music Meditations (Satsang / Kirtan)

What is Satsang


Satsang is a sanskrit word meaning 'meeting' (sangha) in 'truth' (sat). It is a form of meditation which includes music and chanting and is a pathway to inner peace. The music of mantras/chants help to deepen the silence. There is no effort required, satsangs happen naturally. It creates a sacred space where we can sit silently together. It is a time we can give ourselves that we so easily overlook. We come together in our aloneness, which brings us closer as friends, because in this sacred space together, there is no judgement - we are all one.


We also incorporate Sufi dancing (a dance of universal peace). These are dances of simple, basic steps, based on sacred phrases.



I have now gone from solo to duo with my wife Angela. We are called SpiritSong and we hold many chanting/kirtan events in and around Brisbane. We are currently building a new website, but until then you can keep up to date by joining our mailing list.


You can email us at r.j.stevenson@bigpond.com and also by ‘liking’ our facebook page www.facebook.com/spiritsongmusic.


We look forward to joining together in more sacred spaces and sharing mantras and chants with you all. Namaste”